Say goodbye to home renovation stress. Our unique matchmaking process and network of local architects and dependable builders will transform your renovation experience.

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Industry defining vetting for
architects and builders

The Problem

Home renovation architectural services are either very expensive and very bespoke; or cheap and simple drawing services but don't offer much else regarding design or follow-on help. The risks and costs associated with choosing either of these routes vary greatly and put a lot of stress on homeowners.

Our Solution

At My-architect we're creating and network of local architect's who all work for fixed fees and use a tried and tested process for delivering specific architectural services. Each architect designs and manages your project up to the point of handover to a trusted builder who we've personally vetted for competency.


We a technology first business. We believe that by putting online software in the hands of the customer, using a clear process and connecting them to a network of thoroughly vetted professionals; this confusing and stressful process can be made simple, transparent and efficient.

Our Mission

We believe design & build is the future. For home extensions and renovations, there's no simpler way to deliver your project and we're here to help you with that journey.

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Our Network 

Our network set the standard for home renovation services; they're each assessed against these criteria before joining



A good company will be well organised and well run. We check each companies filing history with companies house and other public resources from the last 3 years or more to check for good management.


The founder and CEO, Harry Molyneux (RIBA / ARB Chartered Architect), checks each companies design portfolio. Whilst we're not looking for the most artisan of companies, there is a minimum quality standard that we believe every homeowner is entitled to.


We obtain a minimum of 3 references from previous clients of all members of our network or receive recommendations from Harry's personal network. This is the final check we undertake to ensure our members are all a delight to work with on a personal level.

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Beautiful home renovations

made affordable