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Welcome to My-architect, a London focussed architectural practice, created just for homeowners.

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Welcome to My-architect’s Haringey architectural team, specialising in offering comprehensive architectural services for home renovations and extensions across the borough of Haringey, London.

The Haringey borough signifies the fourth location where My-architect has broadened its presence, following the successful creation of our teams in Hackney, Islington, and Camden. Our founder, Harry, having spent a significant part of his life in London, has formed a deep bond with Haringey and its distinct charm. Our team has come to appreciate the borough’s diverse and rich history, from the lively Green Lanes to the peaceful ambiance of Alexandra Palace.

Building upon the success and reputation forged in Hackney, Islington, and Camden, My-architect’s Haringey team has been providing outstanding design solutions for homeowners throughout the borough seeking to renovate or expand their homes. From the initial conception to the final construction, our team of skilled architects in Haringey will collaborate closely with you to realise your vision.

Our services encompass design development, planning and building regulations submissions, and project management, all customised to address the particular needs of residents residing in Haringey, London.

Rely on our team of architects to supply the expertise and guidance necessary to ensure your home renovation or extension project is a success.

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    Work With One of our Architects in Haringey

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      If you’re seeking affordable and effective architectural services in Haringey, drafting firms and independent architectural technicians might be an ideal choice for straightforward projects with a limited budget. These experts can produce drawings rapidly, which can assist you in obtaining planning and building control approval for small projects in locations with a record of similar endeavours that aren’t within a conservation area or associated with a listed building.

      It’s crucial to recognise that drafting firms and freelance technicians might not possess the same degree of qualifications and experience as architects in Haringey. Consequently, if your project involves design subtleties or challenges, such as being listed or situated in a conservation area, it’s recommended to collaborate with a design architect who has the required training and expertise to address these concerns.

      While hiring a design architect can be costly, it is justifiable if you have ambitious design objectives and need comprehensive assistance throughout the construction process. Nevertheless, at My-architect, we present an alternative solution that offers design-focused architectural services at a more reasonable cost, akin to that of drafting firms. Our team of architects boasts extensive experience in Haringey, allowing them to deliver planning and construction tender services, as well as providing light-touch project management throughout the construction process, in partnership with builders from our carefully selected network.

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      From our humble beginnings in a flat on Hackney Road, to offices near Kings Cross and Caledonia Road, we’ve seen our growth double year-on-year. In doing so we have continuously expanded our coverage area, reaching more boroughs each year. Currently, we’re focussed on providing services in Hackney, Islington, Camden, Haringey, and Waltham Forest, but we have expertise throughout Greater London, so wherever you have a project, we’d love to hear about it. Click the links below to read more about the specific boroughs we currently focus on: