A Better Way
To Buiild Your

My-architect's Buiild service is a new way
for homeowners to deliver their home extensions
and renovations transparently, efficiently & affordably

Choosing Buiild.io for your home renovation means opting for simplicity, reliability, and professional guidance.

Developed by certified RIBA architects and seasoned contractors, Buiild is an online project management service which uses AI to make the home renovation process simple, transparent and efficient.

Our platform provides you with easy-to-use online tools that allow seamless collaboration between homeowners and our network of vetted, trustworthy builders.

With Buiild, home renovation becomes a hassle-free, transparent, and rewarding experience, enabling you to realise your vision effectively and affordably.

Our Services

At Buiild, we connect homeowners with suitable, qualified builders who meet their specific project needs.

We offer comprehensive support throughout the renovation process, overseeing project delivery to ensure timeliness and quality.

Our advanced project management tools grant you the ability to track progress, make informed decisions, and maintain open lines of communication with the builders.

Buiild is your partner in guaranteeing a manageable, transparent, and satisfying renovation experience from start to finish.

Our Network
of Builders

Our builders, based in London, are carefully vetted and chosen for their reliability, expertise, and commitment to quality.

Each builder in the Buiild network meets high standards of professionalism and integrity, ensuring your project is in safe, expert hands.

They possess a deep understanding of London’s diverse architectural styles and are dedicated to delivering projects that blend innovation with tradition, reflecting the unique essence of your home.

How Buiild

Starting with Buiild is simple. First, we help you create a detailed brief to capture your vision and needs.

Then, we match you with a vetted builder whose skills and approach align with your project.

Throughout the project, our management tools enable effective collaboration and progress tracking, ensuring everything runs smoothly and in line with your expectations.

Buiild stands by you at every step, making your renovation journey straightforward and stress-free.